Troubleshooting Guide

This section contains solutions to common problems that you may encounter while using DAWG.

The Piano Roll is Empty

This means that you have not opened an Instrument in the Piano Roll. First, make sure that you have created and selected a pattern within the Patterns tab (see Patterns). Next, right-click on the desired Instrument) and select Open in Piano Roll. This will automatically move you to the Piano Roll tab where you will be able to start sequencing.

My Project Won't Open

DAWG has a long way to go in terms of stability. This issue could have been caused by a variety of reasons that aren't easily diagnosable or fixable. If you wish to recover your project file, copy the entire error message and submit an issue on GitHub. Make sure to attach your project file and we will diagnose the issue and send back your fixed project file as soon as we can.

In the future, better mechanisms for reporting failures will be available. Ideally, these kinds of issues will never occur.

What File Formats Are Supported?

Currently, we only support WAV files as they were the easiest to implement. We plan to add support for mp3 files and others as soon as we get a chance. Until then, your best option is to use an online converter (such as online-audio-converter) to convert your audio files into the appropriate format.

Can I Route An Audio Sample To A Mixer Channel?

It is not currently possible to route an audio sample to a mixer channel. This feature is currently in development and will be available soon.

Does DAWG Support VSTs?

DAWG does not currently support VST plugins for synthesizers or effects. We run on JavaScript (the same thing that runs in the browser) and do not use the industry standard technology (ie. C++).

There is currently no way to import existing VSTs into the workstation; however, this technology will be a big priority moving forward. See vst-js for the current state-of-the-art solution. This library will be used as a starting point for our solution.

I Received An Unknown Error

DAWG is a stateful application that could very easily enter a weird state. Given that DAWG is still a work in progress, this is even more likely. If you receive an unexpected error, the best solution is to reload the application. Go to DAWG > Reload, use the Command Palette or use the keyboard shortcut (defaults to CmdOrCmdOrCtrl+R). If you can, make sure to save your work before exiting.

We are also in the progress of creating an error reporting mechanism that will automatically send reports to us in the event that an unexpected arises. Until then, submit an issue on GitHub.

DAWG Is Lagging When I Preview A WAV File

DAWG is not currently optimized to handle large WAV files. We are aware of this problem and are working towards a solution.

DAWG Is Lagging When I Import A MIDI File

DAWG is not optimized to import large MIDI files. This problem is easily fixable when a few optimization tweaks and a solution is currently in our backlog.

DAWG Is Just Laggy

You've caught us, DAWG is unfortunately laggy at times. If you try hard enough, you'll find loads of inefficiencies throughout DAWG. In the near future, we are prioritizing major performance improvement refactoring.